Organic Rose Floral Water - 100% pure and natural (140ml)


Organic Rose Floral Water - 100% pure and natural (140ml)

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100% Organic Rose Floral Water (Rosa Damascena Flower Water)

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Rose water is full of natural antioxidants and valuable vitamins (vitamins B and C). This makes our rose water a real beauty elixir for face and body care .

Real rose water convinces with the following effects: antioxidant, moisturizing, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, skin-tightening, skin-soothing, circulation-promoting, non-comedogenic (does not clog pores).

There are two qualities of rose floral waters. Our rose water is of the highest quality among the real rose waters, which is almost never to be found on the market, because it contains the full amount of the essential oil of the rose . Usually the rose essential oil has already been largely removed from mostly available, less qualitative rose waters. So these hydrosols smell much less intense and are less effective compared to our rosewater.

• anti-aging: moisturizes and cleanses at the same time;
• promotes skin renewal, makes it supple and rejuvenated;
• prevents skin irritation and soothes reddened, sensitive skin;
• soothes sensitive scalps;
• binds free radicals and is therefore antioxidative;
• soothes rashes and allergies;
• removes pigment spots, freckles and helps with enlarged pores;
• balances the pH of the skin;
• stimulates the blood circulation in the skin;
• regulates sebum production and thus works against acne;
• helpful against puffy eyes, makes dark circles disappear and smooths fine wrinkles;
• helps with fears, inner restlessness, anger and tension;
• harmonizes the mind and gives inner peace;
• sends tender messages of love to skin and hair;
• serves as an erotic stimulate.

• for facial care, spray straight onto the face or apply with a cotton pad;
• used as an aftershave it refreshes and nourishes the skin after every shave;
• for gargling after brushing your teeth;
• mouthwash - combats bad breath;
• additive to baths;
• conditioner - makes the hair shine;
• on poultices and compresses;
• laundry scent in the steam iron.

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    Kunde — 

    Wunderbarer Duft, den ich hauptsächlich zur Reinigung der Haut nutze. Ich nehme dieses Produkt seit ein paar Wochen und habe nun merklich weniger Pickel und Rötungen. Da das Spray sehr ergiebig ist und die Qualität durch den einzigartigen natürlichen Rosenduft sehr hoch, finde ich auch den Preis völlig in Ordnung.

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