Organic Lemon Balm Floral Water - 100% pure and natural (140ml)


Organic Lemon Balm Floral Water - 100% pure and natural (140ml)

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100% Organic Lemon Balm Floral Water (Melissa Officinalis Flower/ Leaf/ Stem Water)

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Our lemon balm hydrosol is highly valued for its calming and sleep-promoting effect . It can be used wonderfully for restlessness, anxiety, states of tension and nervous sleep disorders .

Due to its pronounced antiviral effect, the lemon balm hydrolate is best suited for the treatment of cold sore sores and shingles .

The lemon balm water has a balancing effect on the skin function and soothes inflamed, sensitive and irritated skin.

As an eye compress, the hydrolate quickly swells the swollen eye area and as a facial steam bath it cleanses the skin pore-deep.

Baby care can be supported very well with lemon balm water. It is used to treat wounds, inflamed areas of the skin and to prevent and treat diaper fungus.

• works against cold sore blisters;
• inhibits inflammation;
• excellent care of irritated, sensitive, dry, stressed and inflamed skin (e.g. as a facial toner);
• supplies itch-soothing and decongestant effects on insect bites;
• helps with colds, coughs and sore throats;
• suitable for the care of dry and inflamed nasal mucosa;
• soothes stomach cramps, stomach ailments and flatulence (simply massage in);
• supports wound healing;
• relieves menstrual cramps;
• supports all disorders of the female cycle;
• inhibits perspiration and odor formation;
• helps with headaches and migraines;
• refreshes the mind;
• increases the ability to concentrate;
• strengthens cognitive skills;
• supports when dealing with anxiety, irritability, sleep disorders, restlessness;
• has a natural relaxing and calming effect when there are tensions and overloads;
• helps with psychosomatic complaints.

• hair tonic for oily hair;
• ingredient for compresses (e.g. for bruises or on the eyes);
• soothing facial toner;
• relaxing and fragrant additive in massage oils, oil and shower baths;
• you may gargle with it at the beginning of a sore throat;
• mild nasal spray;
• facial steam bath;
• room or body spray;
• additive for natural perfumes and the aromatic kitchen.

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