2020 in review
2020 in review
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2020 was a very special year for us. We had a lot of goals, new ideas and exciting projects. So we decided to share the highlights of the last year

We decided to share our 2020 in review it was a very special year for us. We had our good and bad moments, we learned a lot, we met a lot of new amazing friends, we welcomed new people to our team and we achieved some of our goals.

January – we started the year with a lot of online orders. A lot of you find out about our products and you wanted to try them out. You motivated us to think about new products we wanted to create, so we started working on our 100% organic floral waters, 100% organic base oil, and 100% organic lavender essential oil.

February – We found professionals to help us design and express our passion for our new products. So we can present them to you in the best possible way. And make sure that everything from the packaging to the product itself will be mirroring the best quality of our organic products.

March – We continue working hard on developing our new organic products hand in hand with working on the fields, preparing for the new season!

April – When the first sunlight of spring kissed our fields, we were ready to start the hard work. We hired new people so we can be more effective and caring when it comes to growing our herbs.

May – One of our favorite times every year – our fields were blooming, bees were buzzing around us and we were hand-picking roses and preparing them for distillation so we could produce our unique 100% organic rose floral water (Rosa damascena) with a high percentage of rose oil in it.

June –  Our herbs were growing below the hot sun. We were waking up very very early every morning so we can start working in the fields before mid-day. We collected our Melissa and Salvia sclarea.

July – We started working on one of our missions – to get well-known on the Bulgarian market. And we were finally ready to present our new organic products. Meanwhile, the work on our fields never stopped – we collected Basil, Helichrysum, and Moldavian Dragonhead.

August – Botanica2020 – one of the most important aromatherapy conferences was about to happen in a month, so we started preparing our video, presentation, and materials. We distilled freshly picked herbs - St.John`s Wort, Yarrow, and Oregano.

September – Botanica2020! We are beyond grateful for this opportunity. Our co-founder Jonathan Middendorf was one of the Botanica2020 speakers. He presented our unique essential oils and discuss a lot of important matters about essential oils and aromatherapy and shared our experiences with some of the best aromatherapists, researchers, herbal medicine practitioners, health professionals, distillers, suppliers from around the world. We also launched our new website!

October – You shared your first impressions and a good review of our new products – organic floral waters, organic base oil & lavender essential oil. Our 100% organic Lemon savory floral water was featured in You are Worth it Box. We also kept working on the fields – collecting Smoke tree leaves.

November – Our 100% organic lavender floral water was featured by one of the most popular  Bulgarian subscription boxes – Kibrit. You could also find our products in the organic shop Domashnica in Sofia. And last but not least we were guests on one of the most popular agricultural TV shows on national television – Brazdi! It came the time to collect the Rosehip in order to produce our high-quality organic base oil.

December – And just as that, the last month of 2020 came. Our Japanese mint essential oil was again featured in You are Worth it Box – best-selling edition so far! We planned our 2021 goals as we had an amazing 2020!

We promise you that in 2021 we will try to be even better, will continue to provide the best quality products and we will always follow our passion. We are open to your suggestions and we will always appreciate your honest opinion on our products.

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2020 was a very special year for us. We had a lot of goals, new ideas and exciting projects. So we decided to share the highlights of the last year
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